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8/1/2022 (Permalink)

What causes water damage in our Oxnard Commercial buildings? Most people would answer this question with “a busted water pipe”. While that can cause a water damage, simple maintenance items are the top causes of water damage in a commercial space.

According to JobsGroup the top 6 causes of water damage are:

Damaged roof components. Many commercial buildings have a flat roof that needs to be inspected regularly to look for cracks, weak spots, etc. that can easily break down during a moisture event, causing leaks that may not be detected before major damage occurs.

Damaged pipes and sprinklers. These systems, especially in older buildings need to be inspected for weak spots, corrosion, etc. Again, slow leaks can lead to major damage over time.

Old HVAC systems. The older the systems get, the more apt they are to cause damage. A simple clogged line can cause lots of damage over time.

Window damage. In large commercial buildings we sometimes overlook cracked or minor broken windows which can be a source for moisture to get into the building, causing significant damage over time.

Poor waterproofing maintenance. It is important to create and maintain an impermeable water barrier to avoid damage from water intrusion. Some sources of this could be sprinkler systems for landscaping seeping into a building without proper waterproofing.

If you are in charge of maintenance for any commercial building, these 5 area’s should be on a routine maintenance checklist.

You Say Tomato, I say Tomato

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Perception is an interesting thing.

Some people see red where others see pink. Some people think olives are delicious while others can’t even be in the same room when a jar of pimentos is opened. Conversely, there are some things that are indisputable truths regardless of the person experiencing them. For instance, nobody likes the smell of skunk. Another good example of this is mold. Some describe it as “earthy”, others say it smells like dusty plants. No matter what, it smells like trouble if you’re not prepared for it.

Mold is everywhere. It is a naturally occurring and, when kept in check, isn’t a big deal and is typically undetectable to the human eye. Problems begin to arise when mold spores are allowed to continue growing behind walls or under floorboards, typically as a result of moisture, darkness, and certain atmospheric conditions. It is very easy not to notice if you are unaware of a leak.

A lot of people have heard about the ill effects of black mold. Most of these people may not know that mold can’t be killed. It can be remediated, which essentially means to reduce the negative impact mold can have on a person by returning it to normal levels. This is done with a combination of proprietary cleaning agents that SERVPRO Oxnard has at our disposal.

If you think you may have a mold infestation or a leak behind a wall, give us a call today at 805-984-2347. We are here to help.


4/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Oxnard technitian extracting water from loading dock Commercial buildings present their own unique challenges for water extraction in Oxnard.

Although finding a company capable of handling water removal from a warehouse in Oxnard may seem difficult, we at SERVPRO remain confident that we can handle even the largest of water removal and restoration projects in the area. Through superior logistics, networks of allied companies that act as a safety net should something go wrong, and industry-leading standards in equipment technology and availability, we handle water removal from large buildings without trouble. If you still have doubts, here are a few of the techniques we use to dry the place out quickly and thoroughly.

High-Volume Water Extraction
When a water removal project from a Oxnard warehouse calls for extraction of standing water, many companies balk at the prospect of handling such a large volume of liquid. Even worse, some may begin the extraction process under-equipped and poorly prepared, and may not remove water from the premises in time to prevent some of the worst damage from happening. We use truck-mounted extraction pumps to remove standing water as quickly as necessary, bringing in additional trucks as needed to make sure the building gets drained before damage can get any worse.

Fast Drying
Once standing water has been cleared, we can begin the process of drying the area out and eliminating moisture that has already soaked into materials in the building and stored objects. By creating targeted air currents throughout the building, we can pick up water droplets on a large scale before depositing them in buckets via our fast-acting chemical and thermal dehumidifying technology.

Care for Contents
Depending on what you have stored in the warehouse, we may have to use special preventative and restorative measures to protect the building's contents. If they present a safety hazard when mixed with water, be sure to let us know so that our technicians can don adequate personal protective equipment.

SERVPRO of Oxnard provides industry-leading care for our commercial customers in the aftermath of a disaster and has the resources required to handle even the largest projects. Contact us at (805)-984-2347.

SERVPRO® of Oxnard Does Commercial Cleaning in Oxnard, CA

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Crew Commercial Cleaning A Building Call us today at 805-984-2347. We’ll take care of your property damage “Like it never even happened.”

According to the Insurance Journal, wind and hail damage account for 15 percent of small business property and liability claims in the U.S. We understand that every day your business is closed due to unanticipated property damage is a day of disruption to your clients and business. This is why SERVPRO® of Oxnard wants commercial business owners in Oxnard to know that when you experience damage to your property, SERVPRO® is ready and on-call to respond to your emergency and will immediately start the cleanup and restoration process. We’ll also help with the insurance paperwork and process. Here are some examples of the restoration services we may use to get your business back on track:

  • Fire, Smoke, and Soot
  • Water Removal and Dehumidification
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation
  • Catastrophic Storm Response
  • Move-Outs and Contents Restoration
  • Electronics and Equipment
  • Document Drying
  • Contents Claim Inventory Service

No matter what your cleanup and restoration needs may be, SERVPRO® of Oxnard wants to help. We are available 24 hours a day and have the specialized equipment necessary to restore damage to businesses and residences in Oxnard. Call us today at 805-984-2347. We’ll take care of your property damage “Like it never even happened.”

Oxnard Commercial Fire and Water Restoration Services

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in commercial office Commercial Water and Fire damage has different challenges. Let SERVPRO of Oxnard overcome them.

Fire damage can cause significant problems for your business from the devastating consequences of a fire disaster. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the top five causes of fires in commercial facilities are issues with cooking equipment, heating units, electrical/lighting issues, smoking materials, and intentional fire starting.  

SERVPRO of Oxnard understands the function, size, and complexity differences in commercial fire and water losses.  We provide commercial restoration services for fire-damaged structures, affected tenants, and contents.  This includes understanding the variables and complexities when coordinating services among property owners and/or property managers, carrier representatives, and associated professionals engaged in the decision-making process.  Coordinating timely approval of workflow through decision-makers promotes efficiency in managing a project to completion.  It is also important to recognize and schedule the correct tools and equipment required to successfully complete a commercial remediation project.

SERVPRO of Oxnard is aware that using the proper tools and equipment on a commercial project is important to our ability to handle the loss. Some of the equipment used on a commercial loss will not differ from that used on a residential loss; however, the type and size of the equipment can differ substantially.  Commercial losses can require large-format desiccant dehumidifiers, portable dehumidifiers, and various heating and cooling units.  This type of equipment is used to focus on temperature and humidity control.  In addition, it may be necessary to use various extraction units, generators, power distribution devices, lighting, air movers, and air filtration devices. This type of equipment is used to focus on extraction, power, lighting, and airflow.  The use of monitoring, cleaning, and deodorization devices are important in commercial remediation due to the size of commercial losses.  In some cases, aerial work platforms, scaffolding, and material handling equipment may be needed for unique commercial loss situations. This type of equipment is used to focus on monitoring, cleaning, deodorization, lifts, and material handling.  Due to the size of commercial remediation projects, some projects may require additional labor and equipment resources.

SERVPRO of Oxnard has a well-developed network of local commercial subcontractors, vendors, and resource providers that it can rely upon should additional labor and equipment be required on a large scale project.  Having immediate access to quality vendors and subcontractors is vital to providing a fast response to our commercial clients.  Commercial projects require a systematic approach to proper coordination of decision-makers, tools, and equipment as well as labor and equipment that contribute to the successful completion of commercial cleaning and restoration projects.  

The following commercial fire damage statistics are provided by the NFPA:

Food Services:  From 2010-2014 there were an estimated 7,410 fires in food services facilities, which caused annual losses of $165 million in property damage.  Cooking equipment was the root cause of over 60% of those fires with electrical malfunctions the next highest cause.

Retail:  On average, 13,570 structure fires in stores and merchant properties each year, resulting in $604 million in property damage.  The average fire damage comes to $73,800 per facility.  Electrical issues are the primary cause of these fires.

Hospitality:  Each year the NFPA estimates there are 3,520 hotel/motel fires.  The main source of hotel fires happens in the kitchen.  Whether it’s the individual rooms’ kitchenette or the main kitchen of the hotel, 2 out of every 5 hotel fires start here.  Annual property damage estimates for the hospitality industry are around $84 million.

Education:  Education facilities have on average 4,980 structure fires resulting from cooking equipment issues in the cafeterias to intentionally set fires.  These fires cause around $70 million annually.  Seventy percent of educational facilities that have fire losses are nurseries, elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Healthcare:  5,750 healthcare facilities succumb to fire damage each year, with an astounding $50.4 billion in property damage.  A breakdown of healthcare structure fires shows 48% are in nursing homes, 22% in mental health facilities, 20% in hospitals, and 11% in doctors' offices.

Office Properties:  Office property fire damage has an annual estimate of $112 million with the top 3 fire sources being cooking equipment (6%), intentionally set (20%) and electrical/lighting (12%).

Fires put businesses out of business on a regular basis.  It's reported that 50-60% of businesses close following a disaster. Of the businesses that survive, many of them had a preparedness plan in place.  At SERVPRO of Oxnard, we believe pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind.  We can help you be "Ready for whatever happens" which speaks trust to your clients and employees in the event your business is affected by a disaster.  By developing a SERVPRO of Oxnard Emergency READY Profile (ERP) for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business. 

In the insurance claim process, a speedy restoration company response matters, and that is why SERVPRO of Oxnard is Faster to Any Size Disaster. 805-484-5009

Oxnard Servicios Comerciales de Restauración de Incendios y Agua

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Los daños por incendio pueden causar  problemas significativos  para su  negocio  debido a las consecuencias devastadoras de un desastre por incendio. Según la  Asociación Nacional de Protección contra Incendios  (NFPA), las cinco principales causas de incendios en instalaciones comerciales son problemas con equipos de cocina, unidades de calefacción, problemas eléctricos / de iluminación, materiales para fumar y el inicio intencional de incendios.

SERVPRO de Oxnard entiende las diferencias de función, tamaño y complejidad en las pérdidas comerciales por incendios y agua.  Brindamos servicios de restauración comercial para estructuras dañadas por incendios, inquilinos afectados y contenidos.  Esto incluye comprender las variables y complejidades al coordinar los servicios entre los propietarios y / o administradores de propiedades, representantes de transportistas y professionales asociados involucrados en el proceso de toma de decisiones.  Coordinar la aprobación oportuna del flujo de trabajo a través de los responsables de la toma de decisiones promueve la eficiencia en la gestión de un proyecto hasta su finalización.  También es importante reconocer y programar las herramientas y el equipo correctos necesarios para completar con éxito un proyecto de remediación comercial.

SERVPRO de Oxnard es consciente de que el uso de las herramientas y equipos adecuados en un proyecto comercial es importante para nuestra capacidad de manejar la pérdida. Algunos de los equipos utilizados en una pérdida comercial no diferirán de los utilizados en una pérdida residencial; sin embargo, el tipo y el tamaño del equipo pueden diferir sustancialmente.  Las pérdidas comerciales pueden requerir deshumidificadores desecantes de gran formato, deshumidificadores portátiles y varias unidades de calefacción y refrigeración.  Este tipo de equipo se utiliza para centrarse en el control de la temperatura y la humedad.  Además, puede ser necesario utilizar varias unidades de extracción, generadores, dispositivos de distribución de energía, iluminación, motores de aire y dispositivos de filtración de aire. Este tipo de equipo se utiliza para centrarse en la extracción, la potencia, la iluminación y el flujo de aire.  El uso de dispositivos de monitoreo, limpieza y desodorización son importantes en la remediación comercial debido al tamaño de las pérdidas comerciales.  En algunos casos, las plataformas de trabajo aéreas, los andamios y el equipo de manejo de materiales pueden ser necesarios para situaciones únicas de pérdida comercial. Este tipo de equipo se utiliza para centrarse en el monitoreo, la limpieza, la desodorización, los ascensores y el manejo de materiales.  Debido al tamaño de los proyectos de remediación comercial, algunos proyectos pueden requerir mano de obra adicional y recursos de equipo.

SERVPRO de Oxnard  tiene una red bien desarrollada de subcontratistas comerciales locales, proveedores y proveedores de recursos en los que puede confiar en caso de que se requiera mano de obra y equipo adicionales en un proyecto a gran escala.  Tener acceso inmediato a proveedores y subcontratistas de calidad es vital para proporcionar una respuesta rápida a nuestros clientes comerciales.  Los proyectos comerciales requieren un enfoque sistemático para la coordinación adecuada de los tomadores de decisiones, herramientas y equipos, así como mano de obra y equipos que contribuyen a la finalización exitosa de proyectos comerciales de limpieza y restauración.  

Las siguientes estadísticas de daños por incendios comerciales son proporcionadas por la NFPA:

Servicios de alimentos: De 2010 a 2014 hubo un estimado de 7,410 incendios en instalaciones de servicios de alimentos, lo que causó pérdidas anuales de $ 165 millones en daños a la propiedad.  Los equipos de cocina fueron la causa principal de más del 60% de esos incendios, con fallas eléctricas, la siguiente causa más alta.

Venta al por menor: En promedio, 13,570 incendios de estructuras en tiendas y propiedades comerciales cada año, lo que resulta en $ 604 millones en daños a la propiedad.  El daño promedio por incendio es de $ 73,800 por instalación.  Los problemas eléctricos son la causa principal de estos incendios.

Hospitalidad: Cada año, la NFPA estima que hay 3,520 incendios de hoteles / moteles.  La principal fuente de incendios de hoteles ocurre en la cocina.  Ya sea la cocina de las habitaciones individuales o la cocina principal del hotel, 2 de cada 5 incendios del hotel comienzan aquí.  Las estimaciones anuales de daños a la propiedad para la industria de la hospitalidad son de alrededor de $ 84 millones.

Educación: Las instalaciones educativas tienen en promedio 4,980 incendios de estructuras como resultado de problemas con equipos de cocina en las cafeterías para provocar incendios intencionalmente.  Estos incendios causan alrededor de $ 70 millones anuales.  El setenta por ciento de las instalaciones educativas que tienen pérdidas por incendio son guarderías, escuelas primarias, intermedias y secundarias. 

Atención médica: 5,750 centros de salud sucumben a daños por incendio cada año, con la asombrosa cantidad de $ 50.4 mil millones en daños a la propiedad.  Un desglose de los incendios de la estructura de atención médica muestra que el 48% se encuentra en hogares de ancianos, el 22% en centros de salud mental, el 20% en hospitales y el 11% en consultorios médicos.

Propiedades de oficinas: Los daños por incendio de propiedades de oficinas tienen una estimación anual de $ 112 millones, y las 3 principales fuentes de fuego son equipos de cocina (6%), configurados intencionalmente (20%) y eléctricos / iluminación (12%).

Los incendios ponen a las empresas fuera del negocio de forma regular.  Se informa que el 50-60% de las empresas cierran después de un desastre. De las empresas que sobreviven, muchas de ellas tenían un plan de preparación en marcha.  En SERVPRO de  Oxnard,creemos que la planificación previa puede servir como una póliza de seguro dirigida a la tranquilidad.  Podemos ayudarlo a estar "Listo para lo que suceda", lo que habla de confianza a sus clientes y empleados en caso de que su negocio se vea afectado por un desastre.  Al desarrollar un  SERVPRO de  Oxnard Emergency READY Profile (ERP)  para su negocio, minimiza la interrupción del negocio al tener un plan de acción inmediato. Saber qué hacer y qué esperar de antemano es la clave para la mitigación oportuna y puede ayudar a minimizar cómo el daño por agua e incendios puede afectar su negocio.

En el proceso de reclamo de seguros, una respuesta rápida de la compañía de restauración es importante, y es por eso que SERVPRO de  Oxnard  es más rápido para cualquier desastre de tamaño. 805-484-5009

Does Your New Oxnard Business Have Asbestos Issues

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can and will get your asbestos issues under control.

New construction for Oxnard businesses does not always mean an entirely new building. With many older structures looking to get repurposed into the profitable businesses of tomorrow, certain demolition and renovation are necessary to make the property your own. With older buildings, refurbishment comes with the distinct threat of encountering asbestos – a formerly common insulation material now deemed hazardous. Once you have uncovered this material, it is best to leave abatement to qualified professionals like ours to ensure that your construction schedule does not take a substantial hit. 

Asbestos abatement in Oxnard refurbishment projects must happen carefully. Our SERVPRO professionals have training specific to the identification of asbestos materials throughout a building, including what has gotten used as a fire retardant for inaccessible areas or entire panels installed elsewhere on the property. We are licensed specialists, and can perform the work under a General Contractor License (#892710) to meet the strict California regulations and guidelines for both removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material (ACM.)

With the fibers of this carcinogenic material being a hazard to the wellbeing of our technicians and others exposed, containment and confident action are vital to reduce these risks. Before this work continues, it is crucial to get all of the workers in the building out to address the newly discovered threat, how widespread this situation is, and design a plan for safe removal. EPA testing can confirm the presence of asbestos in the environment, and once confirmed, exposed areas get isolated much like mold remediation projects with physical barriers and negative air machines fitted with HEPA filters. 

For any asbestos abatement projects occurring in the state, it is important to trust a team accredited through the California State Licensing Board (#892710), who works to adhere to the limitations and regulations for air quality concerns, employee safety, removal processes, and even proper disposal. Uninsured and unprofessional outfits can not only put your safety in question, but open your fledgling business up to steep fines from governing bodies. 

Personal protective equipment is vital to this work that our SERVPRO professionals do. We use fitted respirators tailored to the individual technician, full-body Tyvek suits with hoods, and gloves that can reduce our exposure when beginning the removal of this material, often with a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner designed specifically for asbestos. This class H equipment is much more powerful and can contain fibers even when our traditional HEPA filter vacuums cannot. 

You might not always want to invest in full new construction when prime real estate exists elsewhere that requires refurbishment and renovation instead. Be aware of potential risks in properties that got constructed before 1985, and if in doubt, let our SERVPRO of Oxnard help with a thorough inspection and abatement process when necessary. Give us a call at (805) 984-2347.

To learn more about Oxnard, click here.

¿Su Nuevo Negocio Oxnard Tiene Problemas de Asbesto?

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO puede y tendrá sus problemas de asbesto bajo control.

La nueva construcción para las empresas oxnard no siempre significa un edificio completamente nuevo. Con muchas estructuras más antiguas que buscan ser reutilizadas en los negocios rentables del mañana, ciertas demoliciones y renovaciones son necesarias para hacer que la propiedad sea suya. Con los edificios más antiguos, la renovación viene con la clara amenaza de encontrar asbesto, un material de aislamiento anteriormente común que ahora se considera peligroso. Una vez que haya descubierto este material, lo mejor es dejar la reducción a professionales calificados como el nuestro para asegurarse de que su horario de construcción no tenga un impacto sustancial.

La reducción del amianto en los proyectos de renovación de Oxnard debe producirse con cuidado. Nuestros professionales de SERVPRO tienen capacitación específica para la identificación de materiales de asbesto en todo un edificio, incluyendo lo que se ha utilizado como retardante de fuego para áreas inaccesibles o paneles enteros instalados en otros lugares de la propiedad. Somos especialistas con licencia, y podemos realizar el trabajo bajo una Licencia de Contratista General (#892710) para cumplir con las estrictas regulaciones y pautas de California para la eliminación y eliminación de material que contiene asbesto (ACM).

Dado que las fibras de este material cancerígeno son un peligro para el bienestar de nuestros técnicos y otros expuestos, la contención y la acción segura son vitales para reducir estos riesgos. Antes de que este trabajo continúe, es crucial sacar a todos los trabajadores del edificio para abordar la amenaza recién descubierta, cuán extendida está esta situación y diseñar un plan para la eliminación segura. Las pruebas de la EPA pueden confirmar la presencia de asbesto en el medio ambiente, y una vez confirmadas, las áreas expuestas se aíslan al igual que los proyectos de remediación de moho con barreras físicas y máquinas de aire negativas equipadas con filtros HEPA.

Para cualquier proyecto de reducción de asbesto  que ocurra en el estado, es importante confiar en un equipo acreditado a través de la Junta de Licencias del Estado de California (#892710), que trabaja para cumplir con las limitaciones y regulaciones para las preocupaciones de calidad del aire, seguridad de los empleados, procesos de eliminación e incluso eliminación adecuada. Los trajes sin seguro y no professionales no solo pueden poner su seguridad en duda, sino también abrir su negocio en ciernes a fuertes multas de los órganos de gobierno. 

El equipo de protección personal es vital para este trabajo que realizan nuestros professionales de SERVPRO. Utilizamos respiradores ajustados adaptados al técnico individual, trajes Tyvek de cuerpo completo con capuchas y guantes que pueden reducir nuestra exposición al comenzar la eliminación de este material, a menudo con una aspiradora de última generación diseñada específicamente para el asbesto. Este equipo de clase H es mucho más potente y puede contener fibras incluso cuando nuestros aspiradores de filtro HEPA tradicionales no pueden.

Es posible que no siempre desee invertir en una nueva construcción completa cuando existen bienes raíces de primera calidad en otros lugares que requieren renovación y renovación en su lugar. Tenga en cuenta los riesgos potenciales en las propiedades que se construyeron antes de 1985, y en caso de duda, deje que nuestro SERVPRO de Oxnard  ayude con un proceso de inspección y reducción exhaustivo cuando sea necesario. Llámenos al (805) 984-2347.

Para obtener más información sobre Oxnard, haga clic aquí.

¿Sabías que el equipo SERVPRO responde rápidamente a los daños comerciales por incendio en Oxnard?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

El fuego comercial y la limpieza de humo en Oxnard trae de vuelta el ambiente de su bar Oxnard

Los incendios en la cocina causados por frituras de alimentos a una temperatura demasiado alta ocurren rápidamente. Lo que podría haber parecido seguro en el pasado y hecho varias veces sin incidentes puede causar de repente un problema grave y cerrar su bar en Oxnard. Esto sucede porque si bien servir alimentos no es un requisito estricto para permanecer abierto, los efectos secundarios de un incendio pueden hacer que cualquier edificio en su totalidad no es seguro para la ocupación.

Después de que se produce un incendio en la cocina en su bar en Oxnard,confiar en el fuego comercial y los expertos en limpieza de humo es una decisión empresarial sólida. Muchas empresas se preparan para incendios y otros desastres completando un perfil READY. Podemos ayudar, si es necesario, cuando usted llena su propio plan.

Incluso si aún no tiene un Plan completado, SERVPRO puede ayudar a la recuperación de su negocio. Los depósitos de humo pueden terminar en todos los lugares de su bar, dejando textiles como tapicería y cortinas saturadas de olores fuertes y ofensivos. Cuando el hollín seco afecta a este tipo de muebles, podemos aspirar gran parte del problema.

Sin embargo, cuando se deriva de un incendio de grasa, a menudo debemos usar agentes de limpieza especiales que rompan el hollín. Los artículos más pequeños pueden sumergirse en una solución en pequeñas bañeras, mientras que otros podrían requerir lavado lejos de su establecimiento. Enumeramos todo lo que eliminamos para limpiar en las hojas de inventario, de los cuales usted recibe una copia.

Las alfombras realmente terminan sucias después de un incendio y pueden requerir una limpieza intensiva. Nuestro departamento de construcción, bajo la Licencia General del Contratista # 892710 de la Junta de Licencias del Estado de California (CSLB, por sus servicios, se encarga de cualquier reparación necesaria, así como la instalación de alfombras nuevas, si decide comenzar completamente fresco. Con el hollín denso y aceitoso experimentado después de un incendio típico en la cocina, esta es a menudo la opción más rentable para muchos propietarios de negocios. Podemos despojar a otros pisos de películas humeantes que también crean riesgos de deslizamiento y caída.

Las paredes de toda la barra necesitan ser despojadas de suciedad del humo, incluso donde podría parecer inexistente. Compuestos volátiles pueden no tener ningún color para ellos, pero puede dar continuamente olores y causar efectos sobre la salud, así. En la cocina y en las zonas cercanas, utilizamos limpiadores especializados que descomponen el hollín y dejan las paredes que huelen frescas porque a menudo dependemos de productos a base de cítricos. Siempre proporcionamos a nuestros clientes hojas técnicas con respecto a los productos químicos que utilizamos.

Estos agentes de limpieza también ayudan a romper los enlaces que forman cadenas de hollín,que forman depósitos similares a la web en las esquinas. Utilizamos depuradores de aire durante el proceso de restauración, así como métodos de desodorización como empañamientos que impiden que las partículas de hollín ocultas vuelvan a entrar en el aire, pero estas apariencias de telarañas pueden seguir formándose durante largos períodos.

Para los expertos que saben cómo limpiar el humo y los daños causados por el fuego después de una cocina u otro tipo de incendio, llame a SERVPRO de la línea de servicio las 24 horas de Oxnard, (805) 984-2347.

Haga clic aquí  para obtener más información sobre la ciudad de  Oxnard.

Fire Cleanup in Your Oxnard School

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damage In Oxnard Schools Does Not Go Away On Its Own

While you might have to contend with some wayward teenagers pulling the fire alarm in your Oxnard high school from time to time, when it is a real situation, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting all of the students and faculty to a safe distance is the top priority, and then you wait for firefighters to arrive and quell the blaze. With the confusion and panic of the situation, you might often overlook reaching out to professional restorers to secure our service.

There are several levels of effects that must get removed and overcome before students and teachers can return the affected portions of the building. From soot and smoke residues to lingering odors, cleaning up after this disaster is far more intricate and complex than most custodial teams have the equipment or cleaning products to handle. Those responsible for the property and the insurance coverage for the institution also likely require the acquisition of experienced and certified restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team.

School walls typically consist of a masonry block construction, which in itself can be fire-resistant and help to contain some of the blaze. The paint on these blocks can suffer damage, and any contents or furniture burned up in the spread of the fire can create soot and other residues that can come to rest on these walls, the floors, and other surfaces. Cleaning soot often relies on our chemical sponges and potent cleaning agents.

What might have started as a pure lab accident can spread from the science department through neighboring areas wherever open pathways exist. These same pathways get used by smoke odors as well, and surfaces and contents even several rooms away can trap these smells. Because of its versatility and mobility for widespread effects like this, our SERVPRO team can choose thermal fogging to help neutralize these noxious odors on contact.

We know that when your school falls victim to a disaster, you have more than just the building to protect. Let our experienced SERVPRO of Oxnard team help you through the necessary steps to restore the facility fully. Give us a call anytime at (805) 984-2347.

For more about Oxnard Schools click here.

Limpieza de incendios en su escuela de Oxnard

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Los daños por incendios en las escuelas de Oxnard no desaparecen por sí solos.

Si bien es posible que tenga que lidiar con algunos adolescentes rebeldes que activan la alarma de incendio en su escuela secundaria de Oxnard de vez en cuando, cuando se trata de una situación real, puede ser estresante y abrumador. Llevar a todos los estudiantes y profesores a una distancia segura es la máxima prioridad, y luego espera a que lleguen los bomberos y apaguen el incendio. Con la confusión y el pánico de la situación, a menudo puede pasar por alto comunicarse con restauradores professionales para asegurar nuestro servicio.

Hay varios niveles de efectos que deben eliminarse y superarse antes de que los estudiantes y los maestros puedan devolver las partes afectadas del edificio. Desde residuos de hollín y humo hasta olores persistentes, limpiar después de este desastre es mucho más intrincado y complejo de lo que la mayoría de los equipos de limpieza tienen el equipo o los productos de limpieza para manejar. Es probable que los responsables de la propiedad y la cobertura de seguro de la institución también requieran la adquisición de especialistas en restauración certificados y con experiencia, como nuestro equipo SERVPRO.

Los muros de la escuela generalmente consisten en una construcción de bloques de mampostería, que en sí misma puede ser resistente al fuego y ayudar a contener parte del incendio. La pintura de estos bloques puede sufrir daños, y cualquier contenido o mobiliario quemado en la propagación del fuego puede crear hollín y otros residuos que pueden descansar en estas paredes, pisos y otras superficies. La limpieza del hollín a menudo depende de nuestras esponjas químicas y potentes agentes limpiadores.

Lo que podría haber comenzado como un simple accidente de laboratorio puede extenderse desde el departamento de ciencias a las áreas vecinas donde existan vías abiertas. Estas mismas vías también son utilizadas por los olores del humo, y las superficies y el contenido incluso a varias habitaciones de distancia pueden atrapar estos olores. Debido a su versatilidad y movilidad para efectos generalizados como este, nuestro equipo SERVPRO puede elegir el nebulizador térmico para ayudar a neutralizar estos olores nocivos al contacto.

Sabemos que cuando su escuela es víctima de un desastre, tiene más que proteger el edificio. Deje que nuestro experimentado equipo de SERVPRO de Oxnard lo ayude a realizar los pasos necesarios para restaurar la instalación por completo. Llámanos en cualquier momento al (805) 984-2347.

Para obtener más información sobre las escuelas de Oxnard, haga clic aquí.

¿Daños por moho en su clínica médica Oxnard? ¡SERVPRO al rescate!

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

eliminación de moho cerca de mí Oxnard EL MOHO ESTÁ EN TODAS PARTES, pero SERVPRO de Oxnard puede ayudar a eliminarlo de su hogar o negocio.

Eliminación de moho de su clínica médica Oxnard

Con la confianza que la comunidad tiene en las horas de funcionamiento de su clínica médica de Oxnard, cada incidente que ocurre requiere la atención inmediata de professionales capacitados para superarlo rápida y completamente. Cuanto menos tiempo tenga para rechazar a sus pacientes, mejor podrá atender al área con la experiencia médica que tiene y el consejo o tratamiento que puedan necesitar. Algunos desastres pueden desarrollarse rápidamente y requieren professionales altamente capacitados como el nuestro para eliminar y restaurar, como el crecimiento de moho.

Si bien la eliminación de moho es la opción obvia para su instalación de Oxnard, hay más en juego que la integridad de los materiales que estos organismos utilizan para alimentarse. Dos preocupaciones principales sobre el crecimiento de moho en la instalación son la exposición de sus pacientes y personal a compuestos orgánicos volátiles que pueden causar efectos en la salud, y también las copias impresas irremplazables de registros médicos y documentos almacenados dentro de la instalación pueden verse comprometidas por la humedad y propagación. del molde.

Para evitar una mayor exposición de su personal y los pacientes que buscan atención en sus instalaciones, debe desalojar las instalaciones hasta que nuestros equipos de remediación de SERVPRO puedan eliminar el organismo activo. Instalamos barreras de láminas físicas y utilizamos máquinas como depuradores de aire y generadores de hidroxilo para comenzar a purificar la calidad del aire interior y prevenir la propagación de esporas de moho activas a nuevas áreas de la clínica.

Para proteger los documentos y el equipo de la propagación de este organismo en el área afectada de la clínica, nuestro Departamento de Contenidos puede trasladar esta información confidencial a una instalación segura cercana. Si los documentos se han visto afectados por la humedad, podemos secarlos por congelación para proteger su información y prepararlos para su devolución a las instalaciones una vez que se hayan eliminado las colonias de moho.

Compañía de propiedad local con recursos nacionales

Si bien es posible que no esté preparado para enfrentar el crecimiento de moho que ocurre inesperadamente en su consultorio médico, hay algunas formas en las que puede actuar rápidamente para volver a ayudar a la comunidad rápidamente. Confíe en nuestros especialistas en remediación de SERVPRO de Oxnard para utilizar todos nuestros recursos para manejar esta presencia peligrosa rápidamente. Llámanos hoy al (805) 984-2347.

Para más información sobre Oxnard, haga clic aquí.

Mold Damage in your Oxnard Medical Clininc? SERVPRO to the Rescue!

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

mold removal near me Oxnard MOLD IS EVERYWHERE but SERVPRO of Oxnard can help remove it from your home or business

Mold Removal from Your Oxnard Medical Clinic

With the reliance that the community has on the operating hours of your Oxnard medical clinic, every incident that occurs requires immediate attention from trained professionals to overcome quickly and thoroughly. The less time that you have to turn your patients away, the better able you are to serve the area with the medical expertise that you have and the advice or treatment they might require. Some disasters can develop quickly and require highly-trained professionals like ours to remove and restore such as mold growth.

While mold removal is the obvious choice for your Oxnard facility, there is more at stake than the integrity of the materials that these organisms use to feed. Two primary concerns about mold growth in the facility are the exposure of your patients and staff to volatile organic compounds which can cause health effects, and also the irreplaceable hard copies of medical records and documents stored within the facility can become compromised by the moisture and spread of the mold.

To prevent further exposure to your staff and the patients seeking care in your facility, you must vacate the premises until our SERVPRO remediation teams can remove the active organism. We set up physical sheeting barriers and utilize machines like air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to begin purifying the indoor air quality and preventing the spread of active mold spores to new areas of the clinic.

To protect the documents and equipment from the spread of this organism in the affected area of the clinic, our Contents Department can remove this sensitive information to a secure facility nearby. If the documents have become affected by dampness or moisture, we can freeze dry them to protect their information and ready them for their return to the facility once the mold colonies have gotten removed.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While you might not get prepared to face mold growth that happens unexpectedly in your medical office, there are some ways that you can act quickly to get yourself back to helping the community quickly. Trust our SERVPRO of Oxnard remediation specialists to use the full measure of our resources to handle this hazardous presence fast. Give us a call today at (805) 984-2347.

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Concrete Flooring? Yeah, WE CLEAN THAT!

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

"Concrete has long been a favorite choice for hardscaping features like driveways and walkways, porch stairs and patios. After all, few things on Earth are as tough and long lasting, and so well suited to withstand year-round exposure to the elements. Given the popularity of the material in a wide range of high-impact outdoor applications, many people regard concrete as strictly used for functional purposes, ideal only in a select number of scenarios. But this attitude doesn't take into account concrete's extraordinary versatility, which stems in part from innovative products by leading manufacturers like CTS | Rapid Set. Not only does concrete offer unparalleled strength and durability, but given the range of refined finishing options available, it can also be eye-catching. The rare combination of brawn and beauty has led many homeowners to take a fresh look at concrete and rediscover its appeal as an indoor flooring material. To learn more about why increasing numbers of homes now feature concrete floors, not only in peripheral spaces like the back hall, but also in key, frequently used rooms like the kitchen, click through now!"

6 Rock-Solid Reasons to Pick Concrete Flooring

Is your business experiencing high humidity or moisture?

7/29/2020 (Permalink)

Scoping water damage SERVPRO® of Oxnard's Jason Kaufman prepares to remove moisture damaged drywall and paneling from a local Oxnard business.

Excess moisture in the built environment not only causes physical damage deleterious to buildings, it can also lead to health effects and compromised indoor air quality (IAQ). These conditions will likely lead to fungal growth if not dealt with immediately and properly. Whether the cause of water intrusion is a catastrophic event, such as a building flood, or an ongoing maintenance or construction issue, a proper and timely response can save time and money.

Moisture sources that can impact buildings can be divided into two broad categories, internal and external. Internal sources of moisture include building-related systems such as plumbing and mechanical systems. External sources of moisture intrusion typically involve water or moisture entering the built environment through the building envelope such as penetrations through the roof, expansion joints, sub-slab, windows, doors, etc. Some sources of water intrusion may be attributed to construction or material defects and could have legal implications.

SERVPRO® of Oxnard is your 24/7/365 solution for any moisture issues your business may have. CALL US AT 805.984.2347 for more information or to book your no cost evaluation for our ERP program!

Read more at: Planning For And Preventing Water Intrusion In Buildings

Shutting off gas after a major earthquake is important!

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

gas main This Natural Gas meter is also your shutoff location! SERVPRO of Oxnard can provide you with an Emergency Response Profile to help locate yours!

Know how to react in an emergency by shutting off utilities quickly.

Just living in California, it’s important for home and business owners to be prepared. In case of a disaster of any type, it may be necessary to learn how to shut off utilities to avoid further damage to your building.

How to Shut Off Natural Gas

It’s wise to be familiar with the look and sound of your gas meter under everyday conditions, as this will help to determine what is unusual. Ensure that you also know where the shut-off valve is located. Because of different homes and different gas meter configurations, shut-off procedures vary. However, it is likely that you’ll need an adjustable pipe or crescent wrench to perform the task.

Learn how to shut off your Natural Gas here!

Oxnard Business Can Benefit with SERVPRO's Advice and Recommendations for Water Loss Prevention and Mitigation

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

ERP Description Let us know when you would like your ERP set up!

Businesses in Oxnard that intend to be around for the long haul are wise to make some contingency preparations. They might have backup accounting systems, alternative material sources, and several versions of their marketing approach to fall back on. None of these efforts help if a water damage disaster wipes out their physical plant. We can help prepare for the unthinkable.

Commercial enterprises laid low by water damage in Oxnard face the grim truth that nearly 50 percent of businesses never recover from a shutdown. We know about the challenges faced when water floods through or saturates the building materials or inventory of a business. Our suggestion is to work with us on a well-thought-out plan that anticipates the stress water damage brings and seeks to minimize downtime in your operations.

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Plan and Profile (ERP) combines the knowledge and experience in water damage recovery of our seasoned project managers with your priorities and day to day familiarity with your business operations. We walk through your commercial property, seeking to understand how you conduct business while looking for vulnerabilities to any water incursion. Our employees take the opportunity to recommend adaptations to storage choices, equipment placement, and a host of other tweaks that help you avoid disaster in case you do experience a water loss. We sketch out a blueprint, including locations of utility shutoffs.

You augment the information gathered by SERVPRO representatives using our mobile app. Share with us the identities and contact information of vendors and contractors who outfitted your site with equipment and systems. When we work through the restoration plan after water damage occurs, we can touch base with those who installed or designed your working configurations. Designate employees or family members to act in your stead if you are unavailable during a water emergency.

The pairing of the two plans clarifies that you want SERVPRO to take on the cleanup and restoration if a water damage disaster occurs. In one concise electronic document, we delineate a procedure that gets your business back up and running fast. Except in the most extreme scenarios we pledge to permit the continuation of at least partial business operations during our restoration process.

SERVPRO of Oxnard is eager to work with local businesses in disaster preparedness planning. Call us at (805) 984-2347 far in advance of any crisis to schedule the first evaluation of your site.

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Oxnard Commercial Building Owners Understand SERVPRO's Commitment to Safe Asbestos Abatement

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Red Warning Tape--Danger Asbestos Removal SERVPRO Offers Safe and Complete Asbestos and Biohazardous Material Removal in Industrial and Commercial Sites

Type Of Materials That Require Asbestos Abatement In Your Oxnard Area Business

First, you should understand that there are strict regulations supplied by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA or EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as many state and local bodies regarding the handling of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Work on any Oxnard area restaurant with the possibility of containing these kinds of materials requires specialized training, licensing, and permits.

Established asbestos abatement procedures in Oxnard help keep the area safe and clean. Technicians use these procedures to eliminate the thousands of products containing asbestos that contractors used until the late 1960s. ACMs were popular because of the unique properties of asbestos, including – fire resistance, high tensile strength, reduced heat and electrical conduction, and its near invulnerability to chemical decay.

Asbestos made a great fireproofing material, often sprayed onto steel beams, columns, and decking used to construct multi-story buildings. The application of chrysotile or amosite containing asbestos prevented structural members from warping or collapsing during a fire. As a result, SERVPRO technicians often find asbestos in your walls, ceiling, crawl spaces, attic, and other hard-to-reach areas.

We should note that asbestos, when added to a variety of building materials, can enhance strength. You can find asbestos in some specialty concrete or concrete-like products, often used as siding and roofing shingles. You can also find asbestos in wallboard, corrugated and flat sheets used for roofing, cladding, and partitions; or as pipes and ducts. Asphalt, vinyl, and other materials used to make roofing felts, exterior siding, floor tile, joint compounds, and adhesives also contain asbestos.

The only way to determine if ACMs exist on your property is through testing, SERVPRO technicians can provide you with the necessary services. Since many of these ACMs seal tight after installation, they typically only release asbestos fibers if mechanically damaged, through a process of drilling, cutting, or sanding.

ACMs also received widespread attention for use as thermal insulation in kitchens, or condensation control in basements. Contractors installed ACMs using a sprayer, trowel, or factory installation on or within appliances or other equipment. SERVPRO technicians can help you identify existing ACMs and handle them according to established guidelines.

Call SERVPRO of Oxnard for answers to additional questions or schedule your restaurant's initial inspection today. (805) 984-2347

Oxnard Retail Shops Rely on SERVPRO for Post Fire Loss Cleanup and Restoration

8/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO GREEN VAN The SERVPRO Green Van, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, in Oxnard for Fire Damage Restoration

Protect the Contents of Your Oxnard Jewelry Store After a Fire

Jewelry stores present an impressive array of gemstones and diamonds to the Greater Oxnard area, helping to provide high-end accessories or the perfect way to propose. When fire disasters strike your facility, however, all of these high-end crafted pieces become at risk for damages from soot and smoke residues. Even encased pieces along the display counters can remain at risk, as often the back of these cases are open and susceptible to circulating particulates. Our SERVPRO professionals can help with a fast response and the experience to manage this situation in every phase of its recovery.

We have a leading contents department, helping us to approach fire damage in Oxnard shops comprehensively and cost-effectively. These technicians that arrive at your business are responsible for working with the management of your facility to catalog any damaged or at-risk jewelry and accessories and remove it from the area. If certain products require cleaning, deodorization, and other recovery efforts, they can travel safely to our facility. Those that do not require focused cleaning can get moved to an area that cannot become affected by the overwhelming odor and soot conditions of the main show floor.
Because you have invested so much into this inventory, we take the time to document each piece in the lot and group them with unique coding systems. Not only can this help to keep our SERVPRO team informed about cleaning and recovery progress, but it can help you to access these items whenever you need to throughout the restoration of your store.
Our contents department can also oversee the return of these items to your store once our professionals have removed lingering fire damage effects and brought your building back to preloss condition. Because of our careful and meticulous documentation of the pack-out process, we can return each of these items to their original positions “Like it never even happened.”
There are always those looking to find the ideal engagement ring, improve on items they might already have, or add a new piece to their collection. Whenever fire loss incidents occur, however, a fast path back to serving your customers is with our SERVPRO of Oxnard team. We have a skilled contents department and reconstruction team that can make your storefront look better than ever. Give us a call today at (805) 984-2347.

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SERVPRO Finds and Fixes Leaks, Removes All Traces of Water--Making Oxnard Properties Safe and Dry

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage from a Plumbing Leak in Your Oxnard Commercial Property--Call SERVPRO for Clean Up, Restoration, and REPAIR

Repairing Plumbing Quickly to Protect Your Oxnard Dormitory

Student housing like dorms for universities and colleges in Oxnard provides conditional accommodation for those attending these schools. When water loss incidents occur through breaches in the plumbing network throughout the building, many living spaces and communal areas can become substantially damaged with little warning. Custodial staff and maintenance for the university may not have the advanced equipment or expertise in disaster recovery made available to our certified professionals.

With multiple institutions both in and around Oxnard, a plumbing along with a restoration service may be needed. We have a comprehensive strategy to helping our customers to recover after water loss incidents. While our technicians arrive with sophisticated equipment to determine the full scope of the damage and what materials have absorbed spreading effects, we also have a licensed contracting division capable of handling many of the damages and vulnerabilities created with exposed structural elements and construction materials.

General Contractor License #: 892710
California State License Board (CSLB) #: 892710

Identifying the precise location of the plumbing concerns is among the first steps taken when our SERVPRO professionals arrive at the dorm. We know how quickly a steady flow of water can relocate multiple students from the building, so we react quickly by bringing our state-of-the-art moisture content readers, leak detection equipment, and thermal imagery cameras to locate the break inside of walls, above ceilings, or below floors.

If the break is located in a wall cavity, our SERVPRO team can employ controlled demolition tactics to remove only the portion of the wall preventing access to the compromised portions of the pipe. Our general contractors have experience in all of the building trades, including pipe fitting and plumbing. With fast response to the emergency, we can often prevent more dorms from getting water damage by cutting out pitted plumbing joints and rusted components and replacing it with new materials.

We can offer a dual restoration service to our customers during a damaging water emergency. We respond rapidly; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. By quickly stopping the source of the leak, we can mitigate the damage. Then we have the trained plumbers to fix the problems before our contractors rebuild the torn out sections completing the job, "Like it never even happened."

Thousands of students use the dorms at campuses in and around the area, and our SERVPRO of Oxnard team must remain prepared for disasters that could substantially damage these buildings. Our team has experience, and industry-leading equipment to make compromised plumbing and water damage go away, fast. Give us a call anytime at (805) 984-2347.

Map it out.

SERVPRO Offers a Safe and Secure Asbestos Removal and Abatement to Your Oxnard Commercial or Residential Property

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Buildings in Oxnard, Asbestos Abatement by Professionals!!--Call SERVPRO

Why Asbestos Abatement in an Oxnard Property Might Be Crucial

The process of asbestos abatement can be long and arduous, making many home and business owners hesitant to go through with the process if it needs to be done. However, failing to hire a certified company like SERVPRO to remove asbestos-containing materials (ACM) from a structure may lead to severe penalties from government agencies and could cause long-term health effects of anyone living and working inside. Not all buildings built with asbestos need to have those products removed at any point before their demolition, but there are a few times in a building's life span when asbestos could become an issue.

Demolishing a building constructed before 1978 (and possibly through the mid-80s) typically involves an asbestos abatement in communities like Oxnard. California has very stringent laws governing the removal of this carcinogenic material during a demolition. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it is broken down, damaged, and disturbed. During a demolition project, any asbestos-coated materials in the building are likely to be crushed, potentially creating hazardous materials in the process. SERVPRO technicians remove asbestos-laden materials before other demolitions can commence and carefully dispose of them in containers that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.

Damage Restorations
Most of our damage restoration projects do not require asbestos abatement, even in older homes. However, extensive damages to some materials can cause them to become hazardous, requiring the use of specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) and containment efforts. Sometimes, we may also have to remove some asbestos-coated materials in your home to avoid disturbing them and creating a potential health hazard. In the workplace, added precautions are typically needed during the removal of this material.

You may want to remove asbestos from your home in anticipation of any significant renovations or reconstructions that may happen shortly. SERVPRO can help to remove the hazardous substances from your home without severely disrupting your day-to-day life or creating dangerous conditions generally associated with the improper removal or disruption of asbestos materials.

SERVPRO of Oxnard specializes in fast, safe, and regulation-compliant asbestos abatement services for local homes and businesses. For questions about why your home might require asbestos removal, or for our 24/7 services, call us at (805) 984-2347.

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Has Mold Become a Tenant in Your Oxnard Apartment Complex?

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can remediate the mold in your apartment complex before it becomes a major issue.

Fast Mold Remediation for Your Oxnard Apartment Complex

Running an apartment complex for Oxnard residents can often feel like one minor issue after another. As the landlord or owner of the property, you often assume responsibility and financial obligation when situations threaten the individual apartments, requiring a fast repair or cleanup. Mold growth also requires a fast response from trained professionals, and our team can help to identify the full spread of the damage and prevent the situation from getting worse.

With mold damage in Oxnard, the organism spreads quickly to affect multiple areas and units within your complex. While the situation initially began in one area, the growing colonies can move quickly to affect shared walls and living spaces for multiple residents. You must act quickly to prevent the compromise of structural integrity, not to mention the possibility of health effects for renters exposed to the thriving, active colony.

Our SERVPRO professionals undergo extensive training to be among the best possible choices for our customers regarding the removal of mold and the restoration of the damage that occurs. We begin this process by containing the current growth using advanced equipment and thick plastic sheeting. Our machines like hydroxyl generators, ozone machines, and air scrubbers all work to remove spores from the environment and purify the air quality in affected areas.

In situations where many residents might get displaced by active colonization, our SERVPRO technicians work to remove the mold growth as efficiently as possible. While our focus is often to preserve original construction materials where possible, often it is more cost-effective and time-saving to remove overly damaged structural elements and replace them during reconstruction to rid the property of active colonization fast. Our professionals on site can determine the best approach to getting your residents back into their respective units as quickly as possible.

Mold damage is anything but convenient for a property owner, but it is also something that you cannot ignore. Our SERVPRO of Oxnard applied microbial remediation technicians can respond quickly with the expertise and equipment to help. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (805) 984-2347.

The area surrounding Oxnard is some of the most fertile agricultural land in the world.  Over 12,000 acres are used for growing strawberries.  Read more here.

How We Help Your Oxnard Business Recover From A Water Damage Disaster

10/20/2018 (Permalink)

Whenever you get posed with a water loss incident severe enough to require extraction, you do not have the time to waste.

The Need For Immediate Water Removal In Your Oxnard Office

With so many important documents and sensitive material for your clients in your Oxnard office building, a disaster can threaten not only the ability to your job every day but the information for the clients that you serve as well. Whenever you get posed with a water loss incident severe enough to require extraction, you do not have the time to waste. You should already be on the phone with dedicated and fast-responding professionals like our technicians.

One of the critical things to remember about water removal services for your Oxnard office is that the effectiveness of this process gets linked directly with the efficiency of mitigation and extraction efforts. Whenever you experience a situation like this in your building, calling professional restorers like our SERVPRO emergency response team can help to preserve both the building and the contents that you have inside.

From the moment that our specialists arrive at your building, we focus first on making sure that whatever situation caused the water damage has gotten resolved. Without doing this, our team runs the risk of continued damages while we work to restore the property. Once this has gotten confirmed, we can work on mitigation such as removal of the at-risk items throughout your building such as sensitive documents, electronics, and furniture.

Following this pack-out procedure, our SERVPRO technicians can begin work on the extraction of the excess water in the affected areas. This process typically takes place with the use of portable pumps and wet-vacs, though carpeted areas are often more effectively treated with weighted extraction equipment. Once the excess gets removed, we can focus on drying out the moisture and dampness saturating materials and spaces throughout the office to make it “Like it never even happened.”

There are considerations that you have to make when it comes to securing the information of your clients and preventing catastrophic damages to your facility. You can trust in the fast response and advanced techniques of our SERVPRO of Oxnard to restore the contents of the building and to remove the damage the water has caused. Give us a call anytime you need us at (805) 984-2347.

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How to Shut Off Utilities in an Emergency

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

Know how to react in an emergency by shutting off utilities quickly.

With storm season upon us, it’s important for homeowners to be prepared. In case of a disaster of any type, it may be necessary to learn how to shut off utilities to avoid further damage to your family or your home.

How to Shut Off Natural Gas

It’s wise to be familiar with the look and sound of your gas meter under everyday conditions, as this will help to determine what is unusual. Ensure that you also know where the shut-off valve is located. Because of different homes and different gas meter configurations, shut-off procedures vary. However, it is likely that you’ll need an adjustable pipe or crescent wrench to perform the task."

How to Shut Off Utilities in an Emergency

Make your first impression, your best impression

2/26/2018 (Permalink)


The old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is especially true in the case of disasters.

In the restoration and mitigation world, we deal with people under unusual stress. Their homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed, and their lives have been disrupted in an unexpected way. We work in these environments every day, and we become accustomed to viewing things in a very clinical or detached way.

We need to remember, even though this may be the tenth flooded home we’ve been in this week, it is the first time our client has had their home torn apart — first by water and then by a mitigation crew. There are many emotions that people experience when their homes, businesses and lives are interrupted suddenly. I believe we don’t give our clients enough credit for how valiantly most of them respond under the circumstances."

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Drone technology transforming storm damage assessment

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

"ARGYLE, TEXAS - Despite a stretch of sunny weather, insurance companies are still in the field working to survey damage several severe storms left behind in North Texas. 

"We've been through experiences like that, but this was probably the worst," said Scott Kennedy, a homeowner in Argyle.

Kennedy and his family rode out the storm just fine -- that's the good news -- but his Argyle roof took a beating during last month’s storms. It may not look like much, but even minor roof damage can be expensive.

"And then we started to hear tornado sirens and so then we all huddled into the middle of the house and we could hear hail starting to hit the roof,” Kennedy said. “You just could tell that there was a lot going on outside.”

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Why written guidelines and procedures can protect your plumbing business

6/13/2017 (Permalink)


I grew up in my family’s plumbing, heating, and cooling company, and among my earliest memories are those of my dad getting calls in the middle of the night from people with heating emergencies — a homeowner whose furnace had quit or a bakery where they needed the steam from the boilers for their baking. When this happened, rather than leave me at the house, he’d take me with him.

I remember it being fun to go on those calls. The bakers liked me and would feed me bagels, cookies, and cake while my dad toiled to get their boilers up and running. Not so much fun for my dad, though, who had worked hard all day and was now working late into the night!"

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The Future of Restoration

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

"The industry has come a long, long way.


There are several versions of the story, all with different takes on where the industry began, when it began and what drove us as an industry to where we are today.


They all share the same theme, however — our industry is rapidly maturing, and the pace of change isn’t slowing down any time soon.


Personally, I sit at an interesting vantage point with a pretty good view — of both the past and the future of our practice.


As a trainer, an employee of the largest producer in our market and a two-term (10 year) volunteer with the IICRC S500 consensus body, I frequently work and interact with every facet of our business. In other words, I’ve heard many, many versions of both our past and our anticipated future."



Restoring your Oxnard Commercial Property

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Commercial Water Damage Events Present Unique Challenges 

Flooding and water damage events at Oxnard commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Oxnard

SERVPRO of Oxnard specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

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3.4 million dehumidifiers recalled after causing $4.8 million in property damage

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"Approximately 3.4 million dehumidifiers sold nationwide from 2003 through 2013 are being recalled after causing $4.8 million in property damage.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, China based manufacturer GD Midea Air Conditioning Equipmentissued the recall after 38 reports of smoke and fire causing the property damage.

The dehumidifiers were sold at Lowes and other stores nationwide between January 2003 through December 2014 for between $100 and $300. The recall involves 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 75-pint dehumidifiers sold under multiple well-known brand names such as Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Edgestar, ComfortAire, Hyundai, Honeywell, and Nantucket.

Anyone with the dehumidifiers should immediately unplug it and contact the company for a replacement. The brand name, model number, pint capacity, and manufacture date are located on the back of the dehumidifier and can be checked by entering the model number at"


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