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Oxnard Smoke Detectors

8/2/2022 (Permalink)

Having functioning fire alarms in your house is one if the most important things you can do to stay prepared if a fire did happen. It is a small item that can tend to be overlooked but with just a few minutes of your time it could save yours and your families lives.

According to, here is why smoke alarms are so important and where in your home they should be placed 

Why Are Smoke Alarms Important?

Every year in the United States, about 2,000 people lose their lives in residential fires. During a fire, smoke and deadly gases tend to spread further and faster than heat. This is one reason why most fire victims die from inhalation of smoke and toxic gases, not from burns. A majority of fatal fires happen when families are asleep because occupants are unaware of the fire until there is not adequate time to escape. A smoke alarm stands guard around the clock, and when it first senses smoke, it sounds a shrill alarm. This often allows a family the precious, but limited, time needed to escape. About two-thirds of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.  Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are considered to be one of the best and least expensive means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire and could reduce by almost half the risk of dying from a fire in your home. 

Where Should Smoke Alarms be Installed? 

Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of the home, outside sleeping areas, and inside bedrooms A smoke alarm should be installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When installing a smoke alarm, many factors influence where you will place the alarm, including how many are to be installed.  Consider placing alarms along your escape path to assist in egress in limited-visibility conditions. In general, you should place alarms in the center of a ceiling or, if you place them on a wall, they should be near the ceiling.

Why Does It Smell Funny In Here?

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Do you know when to be worried about a funny smell? Most new homeowners are not water damage specialists, but the human nose is an excellent tool for sniffing out trouble.

The sooner you notice a problem, the sooner you can call us to help mitigate ongoing damages. When you notice a problem, a highly trained SERVPRO of Oxnard professional can assess the extent of your damages. We can use our specialized equipment to remedy the issue fast.

What should you keep an eye out for when you do your regular cleaning? Start at the top. When looking for roof damages, obvious water stains aren't the only problem. Swollen insulation is usually an indication of water retention. Check your flashing (where the roof meets the walls) for cracks and look for missing shingles as well as more obvious signs like holes. Look at door frames and molding. Unusual stains or dark spots on the walls can mean trouble.

Inside, make sure you check your appliances after you move in to be certain they are not leaking where you cannot see easily behind them. Cracked hoses and loose connections can be tricky. Ripples, buckling, and changes in texture can tell you the flooring has a water problem. Remember to trust your nose. If it smells wrong, it probably is.

Outside water damages and mold are often caused by improper drainage. Check your spouts to see that they are clear and make sure you do not have water pooling around the foundation of your new home. At the first sign of damage, you can call SERVPRO of Oxnard.

No one wants to find water damage in their new home. If you do, SERVPRO of Oxnard at 805-984-2347 24 hours a day. We can make things “Like it never even happened,” so you can relax in your new house.

I'm On Vacation!

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If you are going on vacation soon, you may be worried about what could happen if your home floods while you are away due to a water leak. You should try not to get too stressed out about this concern - there are several things you can do both to defend yourself against a flood and understand what options for remediation you would have if water pipe repair was required.

Prepare Yourself

If you know you are going to be away for some time, there are several things that you can do to help protect your home from a water-related disaster. Some of these actions include:

  • Asking a friend, neighbor or family member to watch your house.
  • Insulating external pipes (if it is cold outside).
  • Cleaning and inspecting your sump pump, water hoses and gutters before you leave.
  • Checking for leaks in water-based areas around your home.
  • Turning off your water right before you go.
  • Create SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile

Taking action by following the advice above can help you avoid a flood and water pipe repair when you get home from your getaway.

What Might Happen

If a broken pipe floods your house while you are away, you may come home to find structural damage to various parts of your home. These could include floors, bathrooms and furniture, to name a few. Depending on how long the water has been sitting, it may be contaminated and require speedy removal.

Help is Available

You will hopefully be able to avoid a flood issue completely by following the preventative measures above. However, if you do come home from a relaxing trip only to find a flooded mess that will require water pipe repair, you will likely need to seek help from a water damage company like SERVPRO of OXnard, especially if highly contaminated water is involved. They will be able to understand what happened and what needs to be done to get everything back to a normal state as soon as possible.

Wildfire Season Is Here

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Wind and heat only equates to one thing for the residents of the Victor Valley: wildfire season is upon us and ready to get to work early this year. SERVPRO of Oxnard know a thing or two about wildfire season, which is exactly why we want to share some hot tips (the pun was too easy to pass on) with our readers to make sure that even with fire season in full swing, you’ll stay cool as a cucumber.

To clarify for those who may not be familiar with our services, SERVPRO is an international fire and water restoration service provider. We handle things like flood and house fire damage for insurance companies and individuals alike. We have been in business for over 50 years and in that time, we have seen just about everything you can imagine. California’s weather seems to creep in earlier and earlier every year, but the steps we recommend haven’t changed.

  1. Keep your rain gutters and yard free of combustible debris: Yes, that includes dead leaves. This debris works as an excellent fuel for fire. Time to have little Billy earn that allowance he keeps hounding you for!
  2. Keep fire extinguishers nearby high-risk areas: This includes kitchens, grills, fireplaces, and any other place where an open flame can quickly spread.
  3. If all else fails, call SERVPRO: Fires are awful but they certainly happen. In the event of a fire, give SERVPRO Oxnard a call. We have the knowledge and experience to restore your home or business to preloss conditions and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Oxnard Commercial Real Estate

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

What causes water damage in our Oxnard Commercial buildings? Most people would answer this question with “a busted water pipe”. While that can cause a water damage, simple maintenance items are the top causes of water damage in a commercial space.

According to JobsGroup the top 6 causes of water damage are:

Damaged roof components. Many commercial buildings have a flat roof that needs to be inspected regularly to look for cracks, weak spots, etc. that can easily break down during a moisture event, causing leaks that may not be detected before major damage occurs.

Damaged pipes and sprinklers. These systems, especially in older buildings need to be inspected for weak spots, corrosion, etc. Again, slow leaks can lead to major damage over time.

Old HVAC systems. The older the systems get, the more apt they are to cause damage. A simple clogged line can cause lots of damage over time.

Window damage. In large commercial buildings we sometimes overlook cracked or minor broken windows which can be a source for moisture to get into the building, causing significant damage over time.

Poor waterproofing maintenance. It is important to create and maintain an impermeable water barrier to avoid damage from water intrusion. Some sources of this could be sprinkler systems for landscaping seeping into a building without proper waterproofing.

If you are in charge of maintenance for any commercial building, these 5 area’s should be on a routine maintenance checklist.

You Say Tomato, I say Tomato

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Perception is an interesting thing.

Some people see red where others see pink. Some people think olives are delicious while others can’t even be in the same room when a jar of pimentos is opened. Conversely, there are some things that are indisputable truths regardless of the person experiencing them. For instance, nobody likes the smell of skunk. Another good example of this is mold. Some describe it as “earthy”, others say it smells like dusty plants. No matter what, it smells like trouble if you’re not prepared for it.

Mold is everywhere. It is a naturally occurring and, when kept in check, isn’t a big deal and is typically undetectable to the human eye. Problems begin to arise when mold spores are allowed to continue growing behind walls or under floorboards, typically as a result of moisture, darkness, and certain atmospheric conditions. It is very easy not to notice if you are unaware of a leak.

A lot of people have heard about the ill effects of black mold. Most of these people may not know that mold can’t be killed. It can be remediated, which essentially means to reduce the negative impact mold can have on a person by returning it to normal levels. This is done with a combination of proprietary cleaning agents that SERVPRO Oxnard has at our disposal.

If you think you may have a mold infestation or a leak behind a wall, give us a call today at 805-984-2347. We are here to help.


4/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Oxnard technitian extracting water from loading dock Commercial buildings present their own unique challenges for water extraction in Oxnard.

Although finding a company capable of handling water removal from a warehouse in Oxnard may seem difficult, we at SERVPRO remain confident that we can handle even the largest of water removal and restoration projects in the area. Through superior logistics, networks of allied companies that act as a safety net should something go wrong, and industry-leading standards in equipment technology and availability, we handle water removal from large buildings without trouble. If you still have doubts, here are a few of the techniques we use to dry the place out quickly and thoroughly.

High-Volume Water Extraction
When a water removal project from a Oxnard warehouse calls for extraction of standing water, many companies balk at the prospect of handling such a large volume of liquid. Even worse, some may begin the extraction process under-equipped and poorly prepared, and may not remove water from the premises in time to prevent some of the worst damage from happening. We use truck-mounted extraction pumps to remove standing water as quickly as necessary, bringing in additional trucks as needed to make sure the building gets drained before damage can get any worse.

Fast Drying
Once standing water has been cleared, we can begin the process of drying the area out and eliminating moisture that has already soaked into materials in the building and stored objects. By creating targeted air currents throughout the building, we can pick up water droplets on a large scale before depositing them in buckets via our fast-acting chemical and thermal dehumidifying technology.

Care for Contents
Depending on what you have stored in the warehouse, we may have to use special preventative and restorative measures to protect the building's contents. If they present a safety hazard when mixed with water, be sure to let us know so that our technicians can don adequate personal protective equipment.

SERVPRO of Oxnard provides industry-leading care for our commercial customers in the aftermath of a disaster and has the resources required to handle even the largest projects. Contact us at (805)-984-2347.

Oxnard Fire!

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

Male crew member assessing fire damage SERVPRO of Oxnard can make your fire damage "Like it never even happened"

When a fire ignites in a Oxnard home or business, SERVPRO of Oxnard is prepared to help make the fire “Like it never even happened,” by employing our 7-step fire restoration process. We’ve seen firsthand the effects that fires can have on properties as well as the lives of the people who live or work in them. It is of the utmost importance to us that we help our customers pick up the pieces and return to business as usual as soon as possible. Fires can be accompanied by distress and chaos, but by calling SERVPRO and trusting our thorough, 7-step method for restoring fire damage, you can relax. To learn more about each step of our fire restoration process, keep reading. It begins with your phone call.

  1. Emergency Contact

All it takes is one phone call to begin fire damage restoration services for your home or business. Make SERVPRO your first call after the fire has been extinguished so that we can design a plan of action tailored to your property’s specific needs. With this information in mind, we will make sure that we arrive on the site quickly, outfitted with the resources and equipment suitable for your home or business.

  1. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Upon arrival, our experienced fire damage team will examine your property in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the damage. When our team of fire damage experts arrives on the scene, they will survey the extent of the property’s fire damage. Depending on the scope of the fire, smoke, and soot loss, we will craft the most effective restoration plan for your home or business.

  1. Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Services

As a result of a fire, roofs, windows, and doors can undergo damage, which can compromise other areas of the property, leaving them susceptible to additional damage. Therefore, our team will place boards and tarps overexposed areas in order to further protect your home or business.

  1. Water Removal and Drying

Water damage can be the product of the process of extinguishing the fire with water. If your property has experienced this type of water damage, our team will make sure to thoroughly remove all of the water present. First, we will tackle standing water. Then, we will use dehumidifiers and air movers to get rid of the remaining water. Both of these actions will guarantee that your home or business will be thoroughly dried.

  1. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

After a fire, there is often smoke and soot residue present on various surfaces, such as ceilings and walls. This step in our fire restoration process involves removing all traces of smoke and soot, which we accomplish with our specialized equipment.

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Following the removal of smoke and soot, our focus is cleaning and sanitizing objects that have survived the fire. For every item that we can salvage, we will use our wide array of cleaning techniques to clean, sanitize, and disinfect them. We will also utilize our fogging equipment and industrial scrubbers to get rid of odors. Above all, we aim to provide your home or business with an exceptional clean.

  1. Restoration

The culminating step in our fire restoration process is completing any repair work necessary to restore your home or business to its condition before the fire. This work can range from minor repairs to major repairs. Minor repairs often entail anything from installing new carpet to replacing drywall or giving a room a fresh coat of paint. As for major repairs, we may rebuild or restore particular rooms or areas of the home or business that have been significantly damaged. In the end, we will have your property looking as good as new.

In Need of Fire Damage Restoration? We’re Only a Call Away

After a devastating fire, you need a team that you can trust to quickly and efficiently restore your home or business for a speedy return to normalcy. Remember that SERVPRO is ready to help and only one, quick call away. A fire can be stressful, regardless of whether it occurs in your home or your business. Our 7-step fire restoration process will ensure that every aspect of restoring your property is followed through completely. If your home or business has experienced a fire, be sure to call SERVPRO of Oxnard at 805-984-2347.

SERVPRO® of Oxnard Does Commercial Cleaning in Oxnard, CA

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Crew Commercial Cleaning A Building Call us today at 805-984-2347. We’ll take care of your property damage “Like it never even happened.”

According to the Insurance Journal, wind and hail damage account for 15 percent of small business property and liability claims in the U.S. We understand that every day your business is closed due to unanticipated property damage is a day of disruption to your clients and business. This is why SERVPRO® of Oxnard wants commercial business owners in Oxnard to know that when you experience damage to your property, SERVPRO® is ready and on-call to respond to your emergency and will immediately start the cleanup and restoration process. We’ll also help with the insurance paperwork and process. Here are some examples of the restoration services we may use to get your business back on track:

  • Fire, Smoke, and Soot
  • Water Removal and Dehumidification
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation
  • Catastrophic Storm Response
  • Move-Outs and Contents Restoration
  • Electronics and Equipment
  • Document Drying
  • Contents Claim Inventory Service

No matter what your cleanup and restoration needs may be, SERVPRO® of Oxnard wants to help. We are available 24 hours a day and have the specialized equipment necessary to restore damage to businesses and residences in Oxnard. Call us today at 805-984-2347. We’ll take care of your property damage “Like it never even happened.”

Water Intrusion In Your Oxnard, CA Home or Business?

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Drying Equipment Call us today at 805-984-2347. We’ll restore your water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Statistics

Did you know that about one in fifty insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year? According to the Insurance Information Institute, (III), water damage was the third-highest cause of property damage insurance claims filed between 2014 and 2018, paying out on average $10,849 per loss. Water damage emergencies can occur for many reasons and the longer the damage is left untreated, the higher the cost of the repairs will be. Fortunately, SERVPRO® of Oxnard uses advanced technology and inspection equipment in Bohemia to quickly identify the source of the water leak and will closely monitor and document the drying process through to completion. Depending on the nature of the water damage, we may use some or all of the following advanced equipment and techniques:

  • Moisture Detection and Measurement Equipment
  • Water Extraction Equipment:
  • Drying Equipment
  • Odor Removal and Deodorization
  • Sanitizing Agents, Germicides, and Anti-Microbial Treatments

Call Us Today

SERVPRO of Oxnard wants commercial business owners and residents to know that we are on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day to respond to any size water damage emergency in Bohemia. Call us today at 805-984-2347. We’ll restore your water damage “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO® of Oxnard is Independently Owned and Operated.