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Oxnard Results of a Water Intrusion

This carpet in an Oxnard area home shows delamination, the separation of the fiber layer from the backing. This can often be prevented if SERVPRO is called immediately to remove the water and moisture after a water loss in a home. We can typically extract the water and dry out the flooring material using our advanced equipment. Why not save money along with your carpet?

Mold Damage on a Wall in Oxnard

The mold badly damaged this wall in an Oxnard home and the only recourse by SERVPRO technicians was a partial tear-out. The opened cavity can be sprayed with a biocide before the wall is closed up and finish coated with paint.

Oxnard Storm and Water Line Rupture

The wind storm broke a water line in the attic causing extensive damage to this small office in Oxnard. SERVPRO techs can arrive quickly to mitigate the damage by removing the ruined materials and using our top of the line equipment to dry and sanitize the affected area.

Fire Damage Restoration In Oxnard

Don't let a fire in your home stress you out contact our team for help. We will respond fast and make it “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO of Oxnard has the training, fire damage experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Oxnard

Don't let water damage destroy your commercial property. Our team can respond 24/7 to your commercial water damage disaster. Our experts have the equipment and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Oxnard is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Water Damage Restoration In Oxnard

Our highly trained crew responded to a call about a water damage disaster at a home in Oxnard. The ceiling in the bathroom suffered significant water damage. Our crew arrived quickly and started the restoration process. We had the equipment and expertise to restore this home to pre-damage condition. You can trust our team at SERVPRO of Oxnard to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Ventura Flooding Cleanup

The storm covered the floor with contaminated groundwater in this Ventura property. Our SERVPRO technicians can extract the water and "flood cut" the drywall to minimize replacement and also to salvage the framing. We get it done right!

Mold Damage – Oxnard Home

Mold damage at this Oxnard home was discovered in the attic. More specifically, the mold was found in the insulation. Mold growth is common when conditions are warm, damp, and humid. You can easily see the mold damage to the insulation in this photo. The insulation would have to be replaced in an instance like this.

Oxnard Water Damaged Home

Often SERVPRO technicians receive praise from Oxnard area homeowners when we can save their possessions and fixtures along with money. "Floating" a carpet that has suffered a water loss can dry the underlying slab, prevent delamination of the carpet and mold growth. We can limit the damage with a fast, professional service.

Oxnard area storm invokes effects of Thomas fire burn are

The effects of the Thomas Fire will be felt for many years.  The biggest wildefire in state history has left Ventura County witha  huge burn scar.  With the last two days of heavy rains, that burn area has created a massive amount of mud build-up and flow.

(Photo VC Star/Tom Kisken)

Ventura storm work on a sunny day!

Believe it or not this is a photo from a storm job.  Rains the previous day in an area of scarring from the Thomas Fire, created a water damage in the home in addition to some mud damage.

Working on a stormy day!

We've finally hit the rainy season.  If you want to call it that.  Here's a shot of one of our faithful steeds on a job site under gloomy skies

Oxnard Hotel Fire

This fire engulfed a local hotel and as you can see by the photo, completely destroyed the back of the structure.  Several rooms were also compromised. The cause of the fire was determined to be faulty electrical

Oxnard kitchen fire

This fire was the result of a kitchen mishap where a pot was left on the stove and caught fire. Luckily some friendly neighbors spotted the fire and contacted the homeowner, who was able to get Oxnard Fire out to the home and take care of the small blaze.

Oxnard bathroom fire

This photo shows some attic damage due to an unfortunate bathroom fire which was caused by a faulty exhaust fan.  In the lower portion of the photo you can see some damaged ducting and in the upper portion, some burned insulation.

Oxnard CA dryer fire

This photo shows the dangers of not keeping your dryer vents clean.  A fire started behind the wall and fortunately was discovered and extinguished quickly before any major damage was done.  As you can see by this photo, which was taken of the wall behind the dryer, the damage was minimized to minor burning of the wall.

Oxnard Commercial Water Loss

This loss occurred after some pipes backed up in a local auto shop's bathroom.  The back up caused a large sewage overflow which went all the way into the shop's mechanic bays, as you can see in your photo.

Commercial water loss Ventura CA

This loss was the result of a broken pipe, which was luckily kept the majority of to the back of the store.  In our chosen photo, you can see the depth of the water moving up the bottom of the wall indicating the amount of water involved in the loss.

Oxnard commercial water damage

This loss was caused by a backed up pipe which nearly flooded an entire store.  This photo shows one of the backrooms as you can see the discoloration from the water running throughout the back.

Sewage pipe break in Oxnard

This Oxnard area business was hit by a very nasty pipe break that led to a huge water loss including a significant portion of sewage in their complex.  

The above photo depicts the main loss site.

Storms create road havoc

For the first time in several years, winter storms have hit the Ventura County area hard. Notably, area streams and lakes have had their highest water level in years. However, with the higher water levels comes flooding.  


This photo, taken on highway 101 in northern Ventura County, illustrates just how heavily area roads were impacted by the storms.

Oxnard CA kitchen fire

This fire began in the client's kitchen and spread quickly throughout the house causing extensive damage.  Due to the kitchen being the loss site very little was salvageable and very little could be cleaned.  This resulted in a large portion of the area needing structural repair.  In order to expedite the cleaning process throughout the house, a pack out was also necessary.  Once the house was cleared, several areas required special attention including a wrought iron staircase and wood laminate flooring. Due to the smoke and soot damage, a duct cleaning was also necessary to maintain the quality of the HVAC system

Oxnard water heater loss

This loss was discovered during the replacement of a water heater.  It was a rental unit, so once approval was obtained from the property owner, remediation began.  The area affected was the closer the water heater was located in and an adjacent bedroom.  At the property owners request, SERVPRO was able to remediate the area without removing the water heater.  This allowed the tenants to still have hot water during the process. The area affected was slightly over 200 square feet and aside from basic remediation equipment an air scrubber was placed in containment to help clear the air for testing.

Once approval was obtained, the job was completed in just 12 days.

Mold remediation in Ventura CA

A local smoothie business had a water heat pipe leak that resulted in some standing water behind the drywall.  Once the water was extracted, mold was discovered and we went to work to remediate the mold as quickly as possible to help this business get back to 100%

Asbestos abatement in Oxnard

It was Asbestos Monday at SERVPRO of Oxnard!  Seeing asbestos containment is not how you want to start your Monday.  Unfortunately for this client, it's exactly what they had.  Fortunately, SERVPRO of Oxnard was there to make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold remediation in Oxnard

More Asbestos Monday pictures.  Seeing your home in this kind of disarray can be a little unsettling but our team of experts at SERVPRO of Oxnard are well on their way to making your loss "Like it never even happened"

Mold remediation in Oxnard CA

On a Monday, who doesn't like to take out a little aggression?  A little controlled aggression, of course.  This job required a little bit of demolition work to be done. 

Mold remediation in Oxnard CA

That's gonna leave a mark!  Nope, not with SERVPRO of Oxnard on the job!  By the time our team of experts is finished with this job, it'll be "Like it never even happened"

Oxnard water damage

Here's a shot of some on-going demo work inside this client's bathroom.  The drywall has been taken out leaving a little bit of insulation exposed.  Featuring a guest appearance by Johns Manville insulation!

Oxnard Water Damage

Here's a photo leading back into the bedroom where we took out a portion of the carpet and padding.  You can see the walkway leading to the bathroom referenced in the previous photo

Oxnard Water Damage

This is ground zero for this water damage.  Located in the bathroom, once our team of experts can get behind the wall and take a closer look, we'll know the extent of the damage for this loss.

Port Hueneme water damage

That's not good...pulling back some of the insulation reveals the extent of the damage in this Port Hueneme loss.  In the next photo you'll see the job required a small bit of demolition.  This was another loss located in the bathroom

Oxnard Shores water damage

Here's a process shot of the demolition work going on.  The sink and cabinets have been removed for wall access and a portion of the wall has been removed to quicken the drying process.

Headed for the next Oxnard water damage

The SERVPRO of Oxnard team loaded up and ready to go!  No job too big, no job too small, if we don't have the equipment with us, we'll find it and get it on site to help make your loss "Like it never even happened."

Oxnard water damage

At SERVPRO of Oxnard, even our equipment works as a team.  This rather large job required some creative set ups for the equipment.  Here we have an air scrubber working and providing a little extra height for a dehu. 

Oxnard water damage

The boys got to do a little demo work.  A portion of the ceiling and a smaller, adjacent portion of the wall had to be removed to assist in the drying process.

Oxnard water damage

This loss was the result of a second story bathroom.  As you can see a large portion of the ground floor ceiling had to be removed to allow access to some of the affected portions of the house.  You can see the ducting leading to various pieces of equipment leading the drying process.