Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage on a Wall in Oxnard

The mold badly damaged this wall in an Oxnard home and the only recourse by SERVPRO technicians was a partial tear-out. The opened cavity can be sprayed with a biocide before the wall is closed up and finish coated with paint.

Mold Damage – Oxnard Home

Mold damage at this Oxnard home was discovered in the attic. More specifically, the mold was found in the insulation. Mold growth is common when conditions are warm, damp, and humid. You can easily see the mold damage to the insulation in this photo. The insulation would have to be replaced in an instance like this.

Oxnard water heater loss

This loss was discovered during the replacement of a water heater.  It was a rental unit, so once approval was obtained from the property owner, remediation began.  The area affected was the closer the water heater was located in and an adjacent bedroom.  At the property owners request, SERVPRO was able to remediate the area without removing the water heater.  This allowed the tenants to still have hot water during the process. The area affected was slightly over 200 square feet and aside from basic remediation equipment an air scrubber was placed in containment to help clear the air for testing.

Once approval was obtained, the job was completed in just 12 days.

Mold remediation in Oxnard

More Asbestos Monday pictures.  Seeing your home in this kind of disarray can be a little unsettling but our team of experts at SERVPRO of Oxnard are well on their way to making your loss "Like it never even happened"

Mold remediation in Oxnard CA

On a Monday, who doesn't like to take out a little aggression?  A little controlled aggression, of course.  This job required a little bit of demolition work to be done. 

Mold remediation in Oxnard CA

That's gonna leave a mark!  Nope, not with SERVPRO of Oxnard on the job!  By the time our team of experts is finished with this job, it'll be "Like it never even happened"