Water Damage Photo Gallery

Oxnard Results of a Water Intrusion

This carpet in an Oxnard area home shows delamination, the separation of the fiber layer from the backing. This can often be prevented if SERVPRO is called immediately to remove the water and moisture after a water loss in a home. We can typically extract the water and dry out the flooring material using our advanced equipment. Why not save money along with your carpet?

Oxnard Water Damaged Home

Often SERVPRO technicians receive praise from Oxnard area homeowners when we can save their possessions and fixtures along with money. "Floating" a carpet that has suffered a water loss can dry the underlying slab, prevent delamination of the carpet and mold growth. We can limit the damage with a fast, professional service.

Oxnard water damage

Here's a shot of some on-going demo work inside this client's bathroom.  The drywall has been taken out leaving a little bit of insulation exposed.  Featuring a guest appearance by Johns Manville insulation!

Oxnard Water Damage

Here's a photo leading back into the bedroom where we took out a portion of the carpet and padding.  You can see the walkway leading to the bathroom referenced in the previous photo

Oxnard Water Damage

This is ground zero for this water damage.  Located in the bathroom, once our team of experts can get behind the wall and take a closer look, we'll know the extent of the damage for this loss.

Port Hueneme water damage

That's not good...pulling back some of the insulation reveals the extent of the damage in this Port Hueneme loss.  In the next photo you'll see the job required a small bit of demolition.  This was another loss located in the bathroom

Oxnard water damage

The boys got to do a little demo work.  A portion of the ceiling and a smaller, adjacent portion of the wall had to be removed to assist in the drying process.